Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Year 2015/2016

In cooperation with the Foster City Council, I have submitted my goals and objectives for the Fiscal year 2015/2016. For those interested, I have written a brief outline so you can get a concise, digestible idea of my own goals I have set out as your City Manager.

To briefly summarize, I am focusing on our community-intergovernmental relations, neighborhood planning and preservation, municipal operations and prudent financial management.  It is of the utmost importance to me that our community views their local government departments as friendly, helpful, courteous and competent in serving their community.  I want to continue fostering community relationships and provide services to ensure that Foster City will continue to be a great place to “live, work and play.” Our municipal operations shall be efficient and wholly transparent to our residents, as we want our citizens to be always well-informed and aware of any city notices or happenings. Neighborhood enrichment and preservation are always at the forefront of our thinking and goal implementation and I shall assist the city council in ensuring our communities are well designed and preserved. I want to present new, innovative, and progressive ways to revitalize and reinvigorate Foster City as a “destination” place in San Mateo County, while maintaining effective budget planning. With the appropriate annual fiscal reviews, quarterly budget, revenue and expenditure performance reports, completed and presented to the City Council, I firmly believe the government of Foster City and I can fulfill these goals.

If you’d like to read in greater detail, and explore my official list of goals and objectives please follow this link to view my goals and objectives.  (Link to Goals Sheet)

Thank you all for reading, and don’t be afraid to reach out to me in person, phone, or email or comment on this or any one of my posts here!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good afternoon Foster City! I just wanted to let you all know that this upcoming Sunday, July 26th, we’ll be at the Giants game and would love to see any and all Foster City residents and community members there. The Giants will be taking on the Oakland A’s, and we’ll be out in full support for this battle of the Bay this Sunday!  If you’re at the game please, stop by and say hi to myself, Foster City employees, family and friends.  Come and enjoy a fun afternoon of Giants baseball!  We will be in Section VR 307 Row 14.  Hope to see you there.  GO GIANTS!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

A "Musical" Note from the City Manager

Summer Concert Kick Off
Our Summer Concert Series kicks off Friday, July 10th at 6pm in Leo Ryan Park. There is not a more perfect setting to spend a Friday evening in Foster City with family and friends than a summer concert in Foster City!
Summer Concert Series

4th of July!
Thanks to everyone for a great 4th of July day and evening of spectacular fireworks. Check out these photos provided by Gordon Mak.

The Personal Touch/Good For Everyone!
As part of my new City Manager initiative, I believe we should stay connected to residents with public outreach and within our own organization. At our management team meeting today, I encouraged people to instead of calling or writing an email, to get up and walk over to their coworker's desk and have an in-person interaction. The reaction I first received when I did it was "what are you doing here?" but by the time I left, I got a "come visit again!" The purpose is to further build a team-oriented community.
When I became City Manager I received congratulatory calls, emails, and notes. All were very nice and appreciated. The handwritten notes were the most meaningful to me, as that person took the time out to think and physically write something down. The art of communication has changed with new technology and letter-writing is a fading art form. Today I provided staff with Foster City a note card to write a personal note to someone who has impacted their day/life in a positive way and write a thank you card to them. Both parties will be positively impacted by this activity.
So get up, get out and talk to that person in the office next to you, and send that hand written note. You will be glad you did!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Serving the Community and Committed to Excellent Public Service; Day 1

Budget Message
On behalf of the entire Executive Management Team and the employees of the City of Foster City, it is my pleasure to submit a balanced Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/16 and the Five-Year Financial Plan.  The Budget and Five-Year Plan reflect vision, innovation, regional partnerships, and dedicated employees which are the foundation of the City’s endeavor to ensure and deliver on a successful future for the community.  This outlook is the result of our City Council’s continued focus on enhancing long-term fiscal strength and sustainability for the community. (The budget can be found here)

Celebrate Success
On June 27, 2015 the City celebrated the completion of the Foster City Parks Master Plan with the dedication of Bridgeview and Shorebird Parks.  Bridgeview and Shorebird Parks add 6.5 acres of beautiful community open space to the Foster City parks system, provide aesthetic value to the local neighborhoods, facilitate recreational activities, and encourage greater access to the San Francisco Bay, and the Bay Trail.  We now have 24 parks available to make your life better in Foster City.

Wishing You a Warm, Wonderful 4th of July
The upcoming Foster City 4th of July celebration is a day and evening event that is being organized to showcase the traditions of our community and country.  I hope you join me in Leo Ryan Park to enjoy the pancakes, parades, the Opening Day Ceremony and Veterans Honor Wall Ceremony at 11am, music, and Foster City fireworks as you celebrate the day with family and friends.  Make this Foster City 4th of July memorable by counting your blessings and truly appreciating your freedom.  Hope to see you in Leo Ryan Park, and have a safe and Happy 4th of July!