Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foster City Celebrates Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

What a great day today where we had employees of our city bring their daughters and sons to our place of work with the City of Foster City. A wonderful and cool opportunity to see a whole new side of parents and children as they explore a special day together.

I fondly recall bringing both my daughters to my workplace as well as going to work with my dad, which was really a thrill as he was a football and baseball coach so work was at a ballgame!

This morning I spent time with 11 great kids:
Natalie B.
Reese C.
Rayhaan D.
Gavino F.
Jake G.
Jax L.
Aiden C.
Kyle O.
Jack S.
Kurt S.
Lucia T.

And their parents:
Brandon B.
Frank F.
Garrett G.
Jennifer L.
Vivian M.
Tiffany O.
Kurt S.
Martin T.

We were reminded of the part we play as parents, guardians and role models, inspiring generations to come by sharing the work you love with the children you love. The children will dream about this day for years to come and look back upon it with fond memories.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Boys of Summer

I know a lot of people who long to hear these 3 precious words... Let's Play Ball! (My wife would argue that they are "I Love You," but hey, it's baseball season and the boys of summer are back!)

The excitement of walking into the ballpark, embraced by the brilliant colors of the ball field, uniforms, flags; fans enjoying that hot dog, peanuts, soda or a cold beer and of course watching your beloved SF Giants (or your own favorite team).

Dreams and hopes are always high in April for every baseball fan, and the Giants seem posed for a pretty good year.

The 3 keys for a return to the World Series stage in 2016 are probably the mantra for any good team:
  • Stay Healthy
  • Everyone in the lineup and on the roster makes a contribution to becoming "Champions"
  • Win the 1 run games. Have success in environments that you should find victory, go out and win the day!

I hope to see you at the ballpark. It is a great place to be seen. A group of Foster City employees, family and friends will be rooting for the Giants versus the Dodgers on June 12. Stop by and say hi and LET'S GO GIANTS!